Temporary Roofs, Tin Hats or Canopy’s as they are sometimes referred to, offer more than just weather proofing. Temporary roofing erection requires a lot of planning to ensure that they remain not just water tight but also structurally sound against all the elements such as high winds. A temporary roofing structure is also sometimes used to control adverse weather conditions such as reducing frost.

Temporary roofs have various applications from loft conversions, new roofs, roof projects such as church and cathedral repairs and listed building renovations and many other types of refurbishment, restoration work, construction of new structures and increasingly numerous applications for the events industry.

As a lot of refurbishment projects require the buildings to remain fully operational during building works and with the weather in the UK being erratic at best. The use of temporary roofs are becoming increasingly more prevalent.

Temporary Roofs For Scaffolding in Essex, London and Kent

Types of Temporary Roofs For Scaffolding

An SG4:15 compliant erection method is vital to the safe and successful installation of any temporary roof. There are various types of temporary roofs and they can differ in their construction. The two main types are system temporary roofs and traditional temporary roofs. Traditional temporary roofs are usually constructed of corrugated metal sheeting on its own or combined with monarflex sheeting for added protection. This gives further waterproofing and weather protection qualities from the temp roof canopy. However, monarflex sheeting or more recently heavy duty shrink wrap can be used on their own. Installing temporary roofs can reduce the risk of working at height by protecting both workers and the building structure from the elements.

How We Can Help

Our temporary roof systems are available in a range of spans and bay sizes, making them suitable for both large and small projects. They are also ideal for large construction sites. Using the traditional system tin hat roofing structures, using a framed scaffold canopy, we can build the corrugated canopy structure to the intended ridge height of the new roof.

Whatever your requirements, we are very experienced with temporary roofing structures for residential homeowners, small and medium size construction companies, local housing authorities, block maintenance companies and large developers.

If you require any further information or need advice or guidance on the best type of temporary roof scaffolding or tin hat canopy system. Please call us on 01708 804 862 or use the contact form here.