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When it comes to scaffolding hire it is important to consider the safety aspects of your project too. It is easy to assume that the scaffolding company you are working with are in charge of health and safety and so you should leave it in their hands, but really you should be keep your eye on this too! Not only do you want to make sure that anyone working on your project is safe and sound, but you also want to avoid any unnecessary delays to your project too!

Choose the Company Wisely

There are more than likely a number of companies that are able to help with the rental of scaffolding. Try and make sure you use a company that has a reputation for offering high quality work and working well. That way you can feel a little more reassured that the safety of your project and the people working on it is in safe hands.

The Right Foundations

Of course it is down to the scaffolding company to make sure that your metal structure is erected properly but giving them the right foundations is a good place to start. Make sure that there is a solid ground area for them to work from, otherwise speak to them about the possibility of using stabilisers or outriggers if needed.

The Correct Set Up

Most of this is down to the scaffolding company but it is nice to know what to look out for. You will work to look at making sure they have guard rails installed as and when they are needed. You’ll also want to look for toe boards too. If it looks like your scaffolding is being erected without any of these in place then you might want to speak to the scaffolding hire company you have hired about health and safety and what steps they are taking.


It can be hard to work on large building projects in bad weather because server rain and wind can really affect the safety of working on a building project. Of course if the weather is bad then you might also want to look at securing the scaffolding to the building even more, even if people aren’t actually able to use it while the weather is bad.

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