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There can be no denying that scaffolding erection is something that should be taken seriously. Of course any type of building project should be handled properly in order to make sure that everyone is health and safety conscious. Whether you are in charge of a scaffolding project or you are hiring a company to take care of all of this for you, you need to make sure that safety is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. A lot of this is down to the scaffolding company themselves but it can’t hurt to know what should be happening with regards to safety.

Safety First

When you are hiring a company to erect scaffolding for you, make sure that you speak to them about what health and safety measures they carry out. Ideally you want them to tell you that they have a supervisor on site to oversee the erection of the scaffolding and the use of it over the whole of the project.

The Right Conditions

It stands to reason that only authorised people should use the scaffolding at any time. When your site is locked up for the day you should do what you can to secure the scaffolding and to make sure that no one can climb on this during the night/weekend.

Of course it should also go without saying that you should not access the scaffolding unless it is safe to do so – even if you are technically someone that is authorised to use the scaffolding. If the weather is bad then no one should access the scaffolding. It can be frustrating if this is the case because it can mean that your project is delayed but safety should come first at all times.

Keeping an Eye on Things

Just because your scaffolding structure was safe yesterday, you shouldn’t just assume that it is today. Before you climb onto any part of your scaffolding you should be checking ladders and platforms are safe, secure and fixed exactly where they should be. It can seem tedious to do this every day but it is the best way to make sure that you’re scaffolding is safe and that any possible accidents can be avoided.

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