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In scaffolding, risk assessments, if you are working at height are vital.  You need to make sure that everyone involved in the project works to strict scaffolding health and safety guidelines and rules. In fact there are a number of working a height regulations that have been introduced to ensure that business owners and project managers ensure the safety of everyone that works for them. A big part of this involves carrying out risk assessments and making sure that plans are put in place to enable safe working conditions for everyone.

Carrying Out Risk Assessments

Before any type of building work can be carried out, whether on scaffolding or otherwise there needs to be a risk assessment carried out. This looks at any work being carried out that could cause injury to a person. According to the Government’s Health and Safety Executive there are different areas you should be looking at including:

  • Normal hazards throughout the day to day working practices
  • Look at who could be injured and how this could happen
  • Evaluate what risks are there and which precautions need to be carried out
  • A report of all of the findings and which solutions have now been put in place
  • When these are due to be reviewed and updated.

Of course all of this is a big responsibility and something that should be taken seriously. If you are someone that is in charge of this the you should look into everything that is involved and what you need to do to make sure everyone is kept safe. The chances are that accidents might still happen, although of course these chances should be significantly reduced.

When Things Go Wrong

When you also need to make sure is that you have proper scaffolding health and safety plans in place for when something goes wrong. No one expects you to be able to avoid all accidents but you do need to show that you took steps to stop these from happening and helping people with their injuries if the worst was to happen. If you hire any type of building company then they should be in charge of all of this for you.

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